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Managing an association or chamber of commerce is a challenging task. You will have to actively market your organization to build the membership base since the strength of your association come from the members. It is also important to continue to engage your memberships so that they will renew and remain with your organization. Our AssociationPromote solution incorporates all the necessary components for operating an association efficiently to service your memberships.

Membership Management

  • Create and manage various membership levels
  • Individualized membership Terms and Conditions
  • Define membership fee and payment method
  • Online membership sign-up and renewal
  • Membership number and expiration management
  • Membership communication tracking
  • Member access area for Website with secured password

Resource Booking

  • Online booking of facility or resources integrated with admin interface
  • Support member or non-member booking
  • Flexible configuration for time blocks and reservations per block of time
  • Merchant integration to process credit card payment
  • Booking reminder by email or SMS

Event Registration

  • Organize events by categories
  • Accept registration online with capacity limit
  • Set member or non-member registration fee
  • Event roster management
  • Merchant integration to process credit card payment
  • Event reminder by email or SMS


  • Use Newsletter to provides regular updates to your members on new services and activities
  • Send holiday greetings or birthday cards to keep in contact with your members
  • Send ePromotions or eCoupons to offer special discounts
  • Analytics to monitor the progress of your eMarketing campaigns
  • Built-in unsubscribe feature

Online Store

  • Shopping cart with unlimited categories across and deep.
  • Unlimited products with product pictures
  • Shipped or downloaded products
  • Unlimited options
  • Cross-sells other products
  • Up-sell options
  • Fulfillment module for client communication
  • Discount code for percentage or dollar discount
  • Pick-up option & special delivery request
  • Shipping integration
  • Credit card payment processing

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