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Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant in Texas decided to upgrade their Website from a static site to one that is database driven. They also wanted to have the ability to market to their customers and send them promotions. The goal is to generate more business while keeping greater efficiency.

The company selected MenuPromote solution from CommercePromote as the system of choice. The initial step was to build a brand new Website that has online ordering capabilities. Dynasty has a very extensive menu with more than 15 categories that includes more than two hundred dish items.

Because of the extensive menu, it was important to offer online ordering so that customers can place their order at their leisure without feeling pressured when it is a phone order. Additionally, it also frees the reception staff time to service customer at the restaurant instead of being on the phone taking orders. The result is a higher average per order dollar value while their customer service level improves at the reception.

Once the online order is in place, the restaurant started sending out eCoupons to their contact database of thousands of customers. The MenuPromote eCoupon system provides an easy-to-use eCoupon builder that allows the restaurant owner to create an eCoupon in just a few minutes. Each email marketing campaign generated a spike in their online orders during the promotion while bringing in new customers. The customer is able to directly order the dish online from the eCoupon or print a copy to bring in to redeem at the store. Since our system is able to create eCoupons with QR or bar coding, the restaurant can quickly and easily apply the appropriate discount at the POS by simply scanning the printed eCoupon.

Combining both the eCommerce and eMarketing tools in the MenuPromote system, Dynasty is able to generate more than 600 monthly orders with an average per order value of $30. This translate to more than $20,000 per month in additional revenue for the restaurant.


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