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MenuPromote is a Cloud Based software solution designed for restaurants. The solution includes: Website & email hosting, CMS, eCommerce, eMarketing, CRM, reservation system and much more. The system allows you to:

Generate Online Orders
Increase In-Store Sales
Improve Customer Loyalty

Allowing your customers to order online generates more sales and increases your profit margins. It will allow better building of loyalty among customers. Big Corporation are actively using this same technology. Single store or small chain restaurants can utilize our solution to level the playing field and compete with them. Can you afford not to?

Our eMarketing system allows you to stay in close contact with your customers while promoting your dishes more effectively. A strong marketing program can generate new business and build loyalty with existing customers. We have created user friendly tools to help you manage your campaigns and reach out to more customers.


Online order

Take Orders Online

  • Interactive menu to browse.
  • Accurate orders with option choices.
  • Automatically upsell additional items.
  • Easy menu updates, information and pricing.

Collect Payment Online

  • Customers expect to pay online when they order online.
  • Fast and secure.
  • Online payments expedite your service.
  • No more waiting in line at checkout.
  • Safer and faster if you have delivery service.


Mobile POS

  • Our system supports ordering with mobile devices.
  • Orders are sync with master database to provide consolidated order reports.
  • Multi-store support
  • If required, we can integrate to your existing ERP system.


Send ePromotions & eCoupons

  • Inform customers about specials, menu changes and new dishes.
  • eCoupons with QC codes or bar codes that offer discounts.
  • Link promotions directly to your menu for easy ordering.

Send eGreeting Cards & Promote Events

  • Send holiday greetings to keep in contact with your customers.
  • Send automated birthday and anniversary cards to generate more business.
  • Event calendar keeps customers up-to-date with your entertainment schedule.
  • Interactive event registration and payment collection.

Build Loyalty Program and Database

  • Use social media links to build loyalty.
  • Measure customer spending and reward them.

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