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Whether you have a store front for your retail business or simply operating as a home based business, an online presence is becoming a critical component of your business's success. CommercePromote's RetailPromote solution gives you all the tools necessary to have run an online retail business.

Online Store

  • Shopping cart with unlimited categories across and deep.
  • Unlimited products with product pictures
  • Shipped or downloaded products
  • Unlimited options
  • Cross-sells other products
  • Up-sell options
  • Fulfillment module for client communication
  • Discount code for percentage or dollar discount
  • Pick-up option & special delivery request
  • Shipping integration
  • Credit card payment processing

Inventory Management

  • Quantity tracking
  • Individual product option quantity tracking
  • Low inventory re-order notification
  • Inventory cost tracking

Wholesale Management

  • Consignment sale tracking
  • Delivery Order generation
  • Sold stock invoicing


  • Email eCoupons
  • Direct online link of eCoupons to promotions
  • Preset promotion start and end dates
  • QR or bar coding of eCoupons

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