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“The RealtyPromote system has a graphical interface that is pleasing to the eyes and is easy to use. Our sale agents are not technically savvy so it is very important that the system we provide them gives a comfortable user experience. With more than 70 sales agents, it takes a lot of administrative effort to keep everyone informed while keeping a smooth flow of transaction processing. Using RealtyPromote, our sales agents can submit their completed transactions from the comfort of their home and monitor on-going progress. This eliminates a lot of delays and un-necessary phone calls. Now our sales agents have a good reason to use the system and the easy-to-use interface removed their fear of technology. There is no point to have a powerful system if our sales agents do not use it.”

- Raymond Wang
FE Realty Pte Ltd

“We are a new trade association and are quickly gaining more memberships. We have no paid staff handling the day-to-day operations so it is important that we leverage on technology to help us manage and grow the organization. AssociationPromote does just the right job for us. The solution is integrated with a fully manageable Website with all the necessary CRM, eMarketing and eCommerce tools under a single consistent interface. Our members can register and renew memberships online. They can check our monthly events and even register online 24/7. The newsletter tool allows us to easily create monthly updates to the members and sending it out with just a few clicks of the buttons. There is even a shopping cart and an eGreeting card system that sends out birthday cards automatically. My friends that are involved with other associations always complained that they have to subscribe to many separate tools and learn the different interfaces just to be able to keep the organization running. Having an integrated system from CommercePromote makes a big difference.”

- Luther Quek
KEO Connect

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